Aquarius love compatibility with other zodiac signs

Taurus and Sagittarius want totally different things from life and from partnerships, which can create major friction between them. Earth sign Taurus wants a warm and reliable partner who shares their desire for a secure and comfy life surrounded by nice things.

Air sign Sagittarius, on the other hand, wants to wander and roam, and stay free of anything that would hold them back, including material things. Geminis like to keep things light, breezy, and above all, interesting. Knowing that, it's not surprising that they're often drawn to Scorpios, who are passionate and mysterious.

However, after the initial attraction wears off, these two signs quickly find themselves at odds with one another. Emotional Scorpio wants to dig deeper and can become more possessive, while Gemini wants to pull back and keep their options open.

This tends to create a cycle that usually ends poorly. Above all else, Cancer needs security in order to open up to a romantic partner.


They thrive best with someone expressive and emotionally engaged. That just isn't Aquarius, who's just not very emotive and often eschews traditional attitudes toward love and relationships. This means that Cancer has a hard time feeling fully safe with them. Aquarius also likes to speak their mind and be blunt, which easily wounded Cancer takes to heart. In the end, this pairing tends to make an already hesitant Cancer even more disillusioned with love. Unless Leo wants to get into a battle of the egos, it's best to steer clear of Aries.

Worst Matches

This won't sit well with Aries, who prefers to be the dominant partner in the relationship. Plus, they tend to bring out one another's competitive sides, so arguments can turn into fights when they stop being about resolution and become about winning at all costs. Perfectionist Virgo is coming from a good place when they offer their partner constructive criticism.

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For folks who understand it, that feedback is appreciated, and it allows both partners to grow. However, for more sensitive signs like Cancer, it's a recipe for romantic disaster, because rather than recognizing the spirit of Virgo's comments, they tend to take it as a personal attack.

Why Scorpio and Aquarius Are Attracted to Each Other | Exemplore

At first, you might think that Libra and Virgo would make a great match since they're both such firm believers in justice. If you're familiar with Virgos, then you know that when they've made up their minds, there is no moving them. This inflexibility can eventually create major rifts between them and their Libra partner, as they often just don't "get" one another.

Scorpio's biggest issue in relationships is usually their jealous nature.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

With a partner who works hard to earn and keep their trust, this side rarely comes out. But a notoriously flirty, social sign like Libra can really bring out this sign's jealous side. Sags hate feeling trapped in relationships. They're the ultimate free spirits, and usually need plenty of freedom and alone time to be happy. A sign as traditional and conservative as Capricorn has the potential make them feel locked down. To be fair, Sag's laissez-faire attitude toward, well, most things is a huge turn-off for Capricorn, who usually puts this sign directly in the friend zone.

That's where this connection can truly flourish.

Aquarius Woman Love Advice

Capricorn is a methodical, traditional, goal-oriented, and down-to-earth sign. Gemini is all about following their impulses and interests, and can change direction with the slightest breeze. In other words, they'll have very little in common. It's not that these two signs will have a ton of friction, but rather, there's little to really peak each other's interests. They make for great work partners, but a romance will typically fizzle before it even really gets started. Aquarius wants to do their own thing, in their own way, at their own pace. Those of Aquarius and Taurus live in completely different dimensions.

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility: Inventive and Unemotional In Bed

They are roads that will rarely cross. As one seeks to settle down, the other thinks of the next destination for their new adventure. Aquarius is spender, Taurus saver: too many differences overwhelm them. Those of Gemini have to attract the attention of the Aquarians, probably everything is in the personality or other things; as lovers achieve a chemistry that transcends everything, and always seek to repeat; but it happens if they are single. The dramatists are faithful to the free as Aquarium, they have a wonderful relationship, in fact Aquarium is a good influence on the lives of this sign, are those of the few who manage to stabilize them emotionally.

Aquarium enjoys the closeness of Cancer. Aquarium does not look with good eyes at Leo at first, once they meet them deeply they ends up starting an incredible relationship; Among them usually inexplicable things happen, therefore it is necessary that they are always close. They say that opposites attract, and this is a clear case. This is another of the signs that does not outline for a lasting relationship. However, they can challenge statistics.

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  4. Aquarium sees with good eyes the structured and organizational that Virgo is, to the point that leaves the tedious domestic tasks to it. They complement each other intellectually. Aquarium has great admiration for Libra, they love the tranquility that emanates from his spirit; they tend to look for themselves, they get along very well; they will never be seen apart by small arguments. If they decide to have a relationship, it would be like a movie. This is another of the signs with which Aquarium tends to build bonds of friendship, they get along very well.

    Once they start a friendship they become unconditional with each other, because they are valued with great affection.