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However, once an Aquarius does commit, they will likely stick to their decision. Though they may be reserved in expressing their affection with the loved one, especially if not in a private place, they can be very devoted and trustworthy partners.

You prefer to filter your emotions through your mind and can come across as rather cool and emotionally reserved. Most people are unable to comprehend the way you handle your emotions and may come to believe that you are unfeeling. This placement bestows a stable emotional nature. You often feel secure when you are involved professionally with groups and engaging in team work. You are innovative, unique, and advanced in your thinking; you utilise these traits to benefit humanity.

Your relationships with your relatives may be less significant to you than the ties you hold with your friends as it is likely that you feel more bonded to those in your life that you have CHOSEN. You require free reign in your connections with people and will take a step back from the relationship when others become too involved.

A partner that is envious, domineering, and clingy will only push you away. You may find yourself involved with many partners as you tend to be curious.


You have an aversion to the conservative and old-fashioned. You are naturally social and outgoing, advanced in your thinking, and self-sufficient. Your open-minded nature entices you to seek knowledge of all sorts. However, empathy and compassion is not a strong suit for you and you struggle to comprehend others on an emotional level.

On occasion your inner tension will manifest as expressing unconventional or extreme viewpoints, only for their shock value. You may also be detached, unpredictable, unyielding, stiff, selfish, and defiant. Mentally you are reasonable, logical, sombre, self-controlled, impartial, sensible, and clear-headed; fanciful assertions do not sway you. You need factual data before you can get behind a concept. You are naturally sceptical, though at times this makes you pessimistic. You will tend to tackle challenges in a practical way, keeping a cool head regardless of the situation.

As long as you remain interested in a subject, you can put forth great levels of focus and to achieve the outcome you desire. Detail-oriented, you are unlikely to forget what most people would over-look or deem insignificant. Your serious approach to life may come across to others as humourless, dull, or unhappy and you usually have a good deal going on mentally. Your mind is meticulous, controlled, and well-organised which contributes to a good business sense as well as an ability for administrative tasks. Forward-thinking, you have an excellent talent for strategy and can easily devise a scheme for successfully reaching long-term goals.

You require a certain amount of seclusion to consolidate your thoughts or engage in solitary activities; you make a great student. You understand that time is a valuable commodity and therefore do not waste yours when you can be achieving something more meaningful. You convey your affection with empathy, kindness, warmth, and consideration while adding a bit of old-fashioned romance. You are very giving by nature and wholeheartedly come to the aid of those who need it.

However, be mindful not to trust others too easily as you can be easily moved by a sad tale and taken advantage of, enabling others to rely on you as their sole support. Your romantic relationships may begin by you finding someone who is having a rough time and believing only your love can somehow save them. Those who exhibit a creative and emotionally sensitive nature are drawn to you, and you to them. You crave to be bonded with someone with whom you can have a truly meaningful union with. Shallow relationships do not appeal to you; you need something deeper, something you can put your soul into.

Your views towards relationships are very idealistic and you prefer to see things through rose-tinted lenses. The beauty in a love relationship does not elude you though you must be mindful not to be in love with a vision rather than what is really there.

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You are a delicate soul, sensitive and at times emotionally intense, as well as creative and sympathetic. Your high sensitivity and receptivity may bring about premonitions. You may somehow feel deep down that true love is not real unless it hurts, and so you readily sacrifice yourself. You express your energy in a passive, cooperative fashion. You are likely to avoid confrontations in general, preferring to deal with issues indirectly.

Being in the lime-light would only make you uncomfortable and therefore you prefer to work out of sight. Unfortunately, you will often rather lose something rather than compete for it. You are not particularly concerned with ambitious pursuits and will not engage in competition to get ahead and this can come across to others as cowardly. Being at the top is not something you would strive for and you are better suited to an assisting position, or aiding or benefiting others somehow. Realistic strategy is difficult for you and it may be a good idea to elicit help when planning ahead.

Never certain what exactly it is that you want to do with your life, you wander about aimlessly in search of spiritual fulfilment. You can be quite a daydreamer with an idealistic view, possibly devoting yourself towards religion or spiritual matters.

Birth Chart: Russell Grant (Aquarius)

There are artistic inclinations here that can be fruitful if you are able to devote yourself to developing them. You may seem calm on the exterior, though there is a lot happening on the inside. You are also tactful and subtle with a great sense of humour and a strong intuition. However, indecision wreaks havoc in your life and you may be prone to escapism by substance abuse to avoid your duties. It is imperative that you develop self-discipline. Make an effort to create the changes you want to see in your life, do not expect life to hand them to you on a silver platter.

The best way for you to grow is through benefiting humanity or enlightening others. You believe that everyone is connected and that what harms one of us, harms the rest. You are compassionate, giving, amiable, modest, unobtrusive, and prophetic with a quiet humour and excellent intuition.

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Spiritual matters are of particular significance to you though you must carve your own road to truth. Occasional seclusion from the world is healthy for you as you may need to sooth the tensions you feel internally. You feel a strong urge to aid those that are less fortunate than yourself and may be involved in humanitarian efforts; your presence allows others to have faith that somehow things will work out for the best.

You can become effective in the healing arts, if interested. Being out in nature is a favourite pastime, and you have an affinity for animals, especially those of a larger breed. When afflicted, you can be too emotionally sensitive, embellish facts or stories, over-indulge, prone to excess in general, and become wrapped up with the long-gone joyful moments of the past. You are easy to talk to and know just how to negotiate a situation; your fairness encourages others to have faith in you.

Be mindful of your kidneys and the health of your urinary tract as you are prone to having issues with them. The influence of Saturn in this placement hinders the kidneys, enabling the impurities in your system to fester rather than being expelled. Make sure to hydrate yourself as much as possible to counter this issue. You will find that you are required to be diplomatic and kind to others, showing acceptance, care and peace when interacting with people.

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Unfortunately, Saturn in Libra challenges your romantic partnerships in a way that forces you to develop self-control, diligence, and harmonious methods of conflict resolution. You tend to seek out partnerships as they help you to feel safe, though you may commit to a marriage for financial reasons or chose someone who is born in a different generation than yourself. The possibilities in this placement are many; you may pick a partner who is reserved and cool, or someone older than you, or perhaps you marry in your later years as you are unable to meet someone whose values coincide with your own.

There is a chance that your high standards are unrealistic or too traditional make it difficult for you to find a match. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. It is important for you to demonstrate your artistic abilities to others, whether this is done beneficially or disharmoniously. You hold a wide variety of interests and look to express your creative abilities in all of them as you find much personal happiness through these endeavours.

Although you find your life to be pleasant and are appreciated by others for being a joy to be around, you much be mindful not to become domineering or careless in your activities. Family ties are important to you in this placement. You often search for and enjoy collecting possessions that tie to you to where you came from, a way of clinging to your past. Family relations and your home life instil a deep sense of personal security for you and there is likely a strong influence from the parental figures in your life. Your living location may change frequently as you search for an ideal location to put down roots.

In your career, there will be an emphasis on things to do with the home; you may even work from home or create a home-like environment in your office as this will allow you to feel comfortable and secure. You spend a great deal of your time at home absorbing various types of knowledge. With a wide variety of interests, learning about them gives you a sense of security. Highly charged with nervous energy, it is necessary that you find ways to unwind and sooth your mind. There may even be a cosy corner in your home where you enjoy conversing with guests.

It is likely that you experience inner tension until you to find a place where you belong, causing you to engage in frequent changes of living quarters. Attention from the opposite sex comes easily to you as you are attractive in a variety of ways. Demonstrative with affection and possessing a good artistic sense, you draw people to you.

Be mindful not to be too wild and over-indulge during your nights out on the town. You enjoy engaging in activities that involve music, acting, or creativity of some sort and are likely to be a good performer, perhaps even on stage. You delight being around children and children adore your enchanting way of expressing yourself as well, therefore teaching may be a career option for you.

Expressing your creativity is important to you and you possess a great deal of drive to do so. Most likely engaged with sports, you must watch for a tendency towards gambling and to take unnecessary risks as you like to thoroughly enjoy yourself in these sorts of events. Romantic involvements are of a particular interest to you and you spend a good deal of effort in the dating department.

Attraction does not seem to be an issue however, there is an underlying tension from a previous in regards to children. This placement bestows a great deal of luck in romantic involvements and life situations where children are involved. Cheerful and enthusiastic, you derive pleasure from educating those around you. Your creativity will play a large part in your joy and prosperity, as you are strongly inclined to contribute substantially with your artistic abilities.

There is a good indication that you will be fortunate in regards to children though you may need to be careful with an indulgent nature leading to gambling problems that may spur forth many rumours about your reputation. Though you are filled with doubts and insecurities, there is a strong inclination to develop a good deal of self-restraint and compassion. You may feel an urge to right the sins you may have indulged in during a past life.

This karma may make you feel destined to isolate yourself from humanity, though a strong will-power enables you to amend these previous wrongs. It is likely that you will find yourself on a journey to serve others. A tendency to keep your fears bottled up may result in constant physical ailments unless you express them. You relish your alone time and may prefer to find a career that allows you take a back seat or where you would not need to socialise often with the community.

Your life philosophy tends to be rather unconventional or ahead of its time. Your ideas are original; you come to them on your own accord rather than simply listening to what others tell you. You may choose to educate yourself in religious studies, cultural studies, or the metaphysical realm.

Mentally you prefer to keep an open mind, gather information and knowledge, and ponder ideas others would never venture into. You are likely to encounter abrupt, unanticipated adventures and many of them on a mental plane as your intuition is strong and you can experience prophetic visions or dreams. Find ways to relax your mind and your thinking, as your intense mental activity can cause anxiety and possibly a mental collapse. Artistic and imaginative, you can easily become lost in your own world. Your idealism can create trouble for you as you may find it difficult to function in the harsh realities of day to day life, being prone to impracticality and instability at the mercy of your moods.

Hypersensitive to your environment, you are highly influenced by the energy around you. It would be beneficial for you to take extra care with this sensitivity as you can be easily swayed by those who are in an unfortunate state in their lives. Your empathy may have you acting the martyr or protector of these seemingly lost souls; be mindful.

There is a tendency towards your physical body being affected by the pressures you face in life and your imagination may at times create ailments that were not there. You are more vulnerable than most to illness though also sensitive to medicine and very little will be needed to do the job. Devotion and dependability is crucial to you in your social contacts, you prefer that these connections heighten your emotions somehow. However, be mindful of a tendency to be domineering; either these contacts are domineering with you, or you are with them.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope

You friends may feel you are rebellious or a nonconformist, often creating change of some sort; though they find you rather charming. Your friendships may or may not be long lasting, depending on where you are in your development; your connections tend to transform you, and your social relationships as well. It is likely that you will distance yourself from associations that are stagnant; you prefer things to always be moving forward, changing somehow. If you are able to properly dedicate yourself, you can be a catalyst for a revolution that will we be an advantage to humanity as a whole; you are likely to be a champion for the cause as well as possess an excellent ability to lead these endeavours.

The Sabian Symbols are a set of symbolic declarations that correspond with each of the degrees of the astrological zodiac chart wheel, starting at Aries degree number 1 and finishing with Pisces degree number In modern times, they are commonly used by astrologers in order to deeply understand the significance of planets that are occupying a particular degree of the zodiac. Sabian Symbol: A man sleeps near his recently discovered gold mine while his dog is on guard. Kozminsky Symbol: On an inverted triangle sits a crab, two hands are above, grabbing at a laurel wreath.

Sabian Symbol: An artist removes himself from friends and family in order to receive his next great vision. Kozminsky Symbol: Around a scepter are flowers. Sabian Symbol: Little boys allowed to play in an Oriental rug store. Kozminsky Symbol: A dagger lies in the center of documents that a man opens up. Sabian Symbol: A cross sits on a rock in the fog.

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