Eclipse 25 january 2020 astrology

Animals start to shuffle about, dogs give a low growl.

You look to the sky and a disk is moving across the life-giving Sun and then darkness prevails. Throughout history people have turned to astrologers to find out what is going on and so I am here to tell you just that.

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Eclipses herald times of significant change and movement and have been noted and studied since humans looked skyward. Records show that the Chinese calculated eclipses years ago and the Babylonians followed. Eclipses have been associated with major cataclysmic weather-related events like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes as well as human-activated events like bombings, wars, and your basic bad-behavior plundering.

Eclipses have also heralded major scientific and evolutionary breakthroughs. Things are always changing on Planet Earth and during an eclipse changes are triggered.

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Manifestation of the triggers can be seen three to six months after the actual eclipse. Wheels are set in motion and then, poof! Where will an eclipse impact you in your personal life? Look to the sign and degree of the eclipse. Then look at your chart and see where that degree falls.

Lunar Eclipse January – Change and Opportunity – Astrology King

Look at the house where the eclipse falls as that will determine the area of your life that will be most greatly impacted. Look to see what other planets are involved in the eclipse as their energy will add significantly to the story of change, movement, letting go, and release. An eclipse is a shift in the vibrational alignment between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon creating an analogous shift in the alignment of our own energies. We are not only on Earth but of Earth. Venus desires peace and security, not a miserable existence for the sake of a quiet life!

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Many may feel the need to move on at this time, walking away from people and places key to their past but not their future. To them Eris offers courage and resolve to do what must be done, while Venus provides gentle support to seek out true kith and kin. This eclipse signifies a time of reckoning: for personal relationships, political movements and global alliances.

Nothing and no one can be taken for granted now. With Mercury retrograde in Leo at this eclipse, attempts to serve our own interests apart from those of the collective may land us in hot water! However the eclipse energies manifest in our individual lives, the challenge will be to embody our wisest and kindest self, even as we stand firm and refuse to be taken for another ride! Nothing could be further from the truth right now. For only in seeking a deeper and more nuanced understanding of difference can we truly comprehend the path to peace.

Click here for more information about lunar eclipses and how to understand their role in your own birth chart. Previous post: 2nd July Solar Eclipse in 11th degree of Cancer. Next post: 21st June — 29th July Eclipse Season. July — January Eris Retrograde.

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Awakenings on Twitter Follow. Eris turns retrograde on 21 st July until 11 th January Read more about Eris and what her retrograde journey means for us here With the Sun at the North Node and the Moon at the South Node, this eclipse warns against the sacrifice of inner knowing in favour of external authority.

Redefining maturity When Saturn and Pluto work together we have a formidable force of authority and power at our disposal. The blessing of safe refuge Venus in Cancer, currently on the North Node, emphasises the blessing of relationships in which we feel safe, loved and accepted for who we truly are. A time of reckoning This eclipse signifies a time of reckoning: for personal relationships, political movements and global alliances.

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