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A: No. This is a method of analysis. This method is taken from Vedic Astrology only. Ans: In Vedic Astrology House division will be used by most of people equal house system and Sripathi house system. In KP Placidus house division will be used. In Vedic Astrology we use only Moon dasha. But in KP Astrology we need to calculate dashas for every planet and house. KP Ayanamsha will have slight difference with Lahiri Ayanamsha.

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KP uses Western Aspects. KP method will have House significators based on ownrship, placement in a sign, Star and Aspect. KP Astrology also have ruling planets. Free Vedic Janmakundali Horoscope with predictions in English. Free Vedic Janmakundali Horoscope with predictions in Telugu. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Read more.. I Agree No! Shodashvarga system was propounded by our sages in such a manner that exact position of the planets could be ascertained without assigning any degree value to it. Secondly, these Vargas have not been made like we make today. Then we only assigned lordship and lordship signified the results of that planet.

These vargas should not be taken at par with Lagna chart and should not be used in predictions like supplement to lagna chart, unless some yoga specifies the results of a planet in a particular varga. In practice, these vargas confuse a general astrologer. He starts taking the planet's exaltation or debilitation. He also starts taking aspects and placement of other planets with the planet, thus deviating from the basic results. In Indian system planet is most important and house is next to the planet in importance.

This is probably to make things easier. Planet in a house makes significance in prediction, whereas planet in sign only gives knowledge about its strength. Does one get affected by some one else's horoscope? If yes, then what is the sanctity of the horoscope? Like one is affected by planets, he is affected by any other item in his vicinity. Every body has a gravitational pull โ€” small or large. Effect of planets is visible because of their large mass. Stars of much higher mass do not have that much of effect because of their large distance. Secondly, our power of computation is limited.

Just the nine planets and twelve signs make so many combinations that it is difficult to correlate them with life. Horoscope having just nine planets is not the complete representation of what we are. Deviations to it due to others โ€” living or non living โ€” can be adjusted by studying the past and fitting that to the planet's effects. In brief, presence of others does not destroy the importance of the horoscope.

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If in one accident many lives are taken, does that indicate similarity in everyones horoscope? The horoscope of the place or a vehicle in which passengers are travelling, supersedes the horoscopes of the natives. Hence, in a calamity everyone's horoscope does not necessarily indicate death.

However, this point needs further research and views from the readers. Muhurtha gives us an idea about the future of the task that we do; for example, oath ceremony of ministry gives idea about the government; starting moment of business gives us knowledge about how the business will go etc. To have a good future we select a good muhurtha. Knowledge is strength and knowing the future of deeds in advance can definitely guide our future better. However, we can not totally reverse the direction of the fate. So many times we find things do not happen at the time of best Muhurtha, or after the event we come to know that the computations were wrong.

This clearly indicates we cannot change the destiny. Still nature has provided us with hands to do something and mind to think. We should use it optimally, but without having keen desire for the best ; it will occur only if it is in fate. Answer to this question lies in the previous answer. We can aspire for a better married life by having a better matching, but fate cannot be overruled.

Contradictory yogas are formed in ones horoscope. What is correct in such a situation? Contradiction is part of any behavioural science. Take the results either by strength or by the number of times it occurs. House is next to planets in importance for its role in astrology. Lagna chart shows house only approximately. Actual house position is governed only by Bhava chart or Chalit chart. If all above conditions are their then you can check your D chart also.

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If sun also strong there then what I can say? For example : Aries ascendant have Capricorn sign in 10 house and they have strong Saturn in 11 house and simultaneously In D also it is in good sign or in kendra then early Success. Now another aspect if your Sun is not good for ex: in Libra. Then what will happen? Jupiter facts, planet Jupiter facts and information, all about Jupiter facts,Jupiter planet in astrology,Jupiter planet of luck, significance of Jupiter,Jupiter in horoscope remedies and guru mantras, role of Jupiter in astrology,Jupiter characteristic's astrology, planet guru astrology, importance of guru in astrology, Jupiter power in astrology.

We know this planet as greatest benefic, dev guru, biggest planet, powerful planet. Generally, this is our mentality Jupiter is most benefic, so it will give to always benefit. But it not happens always. As i said many times planets always want from us accordingly their characteristics So now what Jupiter wants from us, so here as i always told in my previous articles. What Jupiter wants from us: 1 Jupiter is satwik planet always expect good karmas. So now i think everyone clear about Jupiter characteristics, so now you can easily understand if your powerful Jupiter is not giving good results then what are reasons behind that?

And now what harms Jupiter can do: 1 I always told to peoples ,please do not take Jupiter always positive. For gems also, Jupiter is sensitive planet so gems of this planet also important. If i will say my personal opinion, I never told easily to anyone for yellow sapphire pukhraj. Need to check very deeply then we can suggest. Now, In which house Jupiter feels strong : I hope, everyone knows Kendra sthaan also knows as Vishnu sthaan. In current predictive astrology, I think rahu n ketu is most mysterious and powerful planet in kalyug.

In Vedic astrology the lunar nodes, known as Rahu and Ketu, have special powers in a chart specially in Kalyug. Often referred to as our karmic destiny, they indicate our greatest gifts and our darkest issues.

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Both planets related with our past life. But in my experience.. I saw Taurus rahu and Scorpio ketu giving very good result. Some astrology books also mentioning rahu mool trikona sign is cancer Good sign for Ketu: Aries,Libra,Scorpio,saggi,pisces.

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Lord Vishnu when came to know this fact then they cut their body in two parts from sudarshan. An upper part dhar is Rahu and lower part ketu. Rahu takes us into the physical world and Ketu takes us out of it. Rahu is not bad with in some case , we can take example of father of nation mahatma gandhi. Rahu and Ketu are described as shadowy planets because they are associated with the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. These shadows developed the powerful myths and meanings bestowed on the nodes, myths of struggles with demons, serpents, and forces of darkness and light.

Symbolically they may be seen as our own shadows. They have power to give graham to sun but for short time,Lord Shiva told this to sun after cheating during amrit manthan. I collect all these things from vedic as well as from western astrology because some prediction western astrology is very powerful. Rahu is the head that is consumed with the thinking mind. Ketu is the quality of knowing without the thinking mind. It is the perception of spiritual insights and karak for moksha that lead to enlightenment.

All this represents the cycles of birth and death into and out of this world. Rahu and Ketu are the indicators of destiny and fate, symbolizing our entrapment in this physical plane. These shadow planets control us by our desires. Our desires are our karmas. Our destiny is to release the chains this world has cast upon us. The poisonous venom intoxicates us into this world. Rahu takes us under its spell with the illusions of this world, the promise of happiness, leaving us with a sense of wanting. But of course, this only leads to insatiable desires.

We can never have enough. On other hand, Ketu strips us of the objects of our desires, revealing that nothing in this world gives us security and permanence. It is essentially the process of enlightenment, when we come to realize that ultimately, it is all an illusion. Nothing of this material world lasts, therefore; it is all an illusion or Maya. Ketu is the bringer of enlightenment through the realization of this truth.

Ketu is the release of this world. Extremes Rahu is our entrapment and Ketu is our final liberation from the karmas of the soul.

Rahu will give things, but always with a price. Ketu will take away, but gives the gift of seeing or enlightenment. When the lunar nodes are combined with another planet they take on the quality of that planet, like mirrors magnifying the energy of that planet. Each combination will produce very different results. In a birth chart, the extremes caused by Rahu and Ketu will be seen in:the houses that Rahu and Ketu occupy; the houses of their sign dispositors; the nature of the planet that conjuncts Rahu and Ketu and the houses ruled by the planet that conjuncts Rahu or Ketu; the nakshatra dispositor of Rahu or Ketu.