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Now I'm very much satisfied with their work and their service was up to the mark. Charged Rs bucks. I trusted this Astrologer services.

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Also Basant lal ji is a very nice human being , he explained every grah situation with reasoning and helped in suggesting remedies for the problems. Then my mom contacted Tanya Mam. She helped me and i miraculously one good day my husband decided to leave me and divorced me, which was really impossible task. Which Tanya Mam made it happened. Now i can also say miracles do happen and Tanya Mam knows how to create one. I owe my life to her. All we need to have is pure Faith. There is a degree change in my situations I cant thank him enough for what he's done for me.

Find the Experienced Astrologers in Delhi at Sulekha Some times in life you do not get the results according to your efforts and hard work. Your stars might be a reason for unsatisfactory results.

There is a huge impact of the planetary positions on our growth, emotional, financial, and behavioral fortune. You can take the help of an astrologer to know the effect of the celestial bodies in your life.


At Sulekha, we bring you a list of more than two thousand eight hundred forty experienced and verified Astrologers in Delhi. If you wish to get the consultation from the knowledgeable astrologist in Delhi, fill the above form. You can also add a filter to get refined search results.

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The best astrologers from your location would contact you. You can interact with them regarding their specialty as well as experience and then finalize the one accordingly. FAQ Q.


Several things revolve in an individual's mind such as career, business, property, health, marriage, etc. Astrologers in Delhi provide different astrology services. Depending upon your comfort, preference, and belief, you can choose from the astrology. Palmist studies your palm and tells you about the past incidences and situations that you would encounter in the future.

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An individual's horoscope is determined with the detailed birth chart and the planetary positions. Depending on your planetary position and sun sign, the astrologer can suggest a gemstone that can help you to get rid of your problems. The numerologists add the birth date into a single-digit number, and based upon number; they provide consultation.

Apart from these, there are several other forms of face reading, Chinese Astrology, Tarot reading, and much more. What are the benefits of getting a consultation from an astrologer? Taking consultation from an astrologer has become so common. People prefer taking advice from the astrologer to To know the relationship compatibility Get prediction about future events Solutions to reduce the effect of the wrong planetary positions To know the right time to start the venture and many more.

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What are the different modes of consultation? For taking the consultation from the astrologer, you need to decide the services you would like to avail. The famous astrologers offer consultation as in person, over the phone as well as online. If you wish to get the astrology prediction based on face reading or palmistry, you are advised to meet the astrologer personally.

How can Sulekha help in finding the right Astrologer in Delhi? Sulekha is a top-notch online business directory. You can fill the form above along with your requirements, to get in touch with the best astrologer of your location. The experienced astrologers matching to your requirements would call you. You compare the astrologers based upon their services, ratings, mode of consultation, and feedback and find the right astrologer for consolation.

All you need to know about Astrology and its elements Ever wondered how astrology works?

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  6. Even when you work hard with complete sincerity, success may still elude you for many different reasons. Astrology or Jyotish helps you to understand the positive and favourable time windows to plan, coordinate and accelerate your efforts in the right manner. Then you are told that what type of promises and probabilities are visible in the study of your horoscope. Such information helps you choose your favourable, direction and path at the right time. Purnima Sharma is known for her unquestionable honesty, high values and accuracy of predictions.

    Today when the city is full of greedy and manipulative practitioners of Astrology, who brazenly cheat innocent and gullible people for immoral gains, Jyotishi Dr Purnima Sharma is honest, highly educated, most experienced and not only a famous Indian Vedic astrologer but is also being appreciated as best Delhi Jyotishi. As a top astrologer for many years she wrote Jyotish predictions for different prestigious national newspapers and earned acclaims and appreciations from the readers.

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    Purnima Sharma has a huge list of highly satisfied Jyotish clients as one of the best Delhi Jyotishi and her predictions are admired for spiritual toning and perfect mantra recommendations to remove hurdles, bring prosperity and success in career. Such information helps you choose your favorable, direction and path at the right time.

    Purnima Sharma is known for honesty, high values, accuracy. Astrologer Pankaj Kumar. Scholar Vastu PhD.

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