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Special consideration is given to the entry of Sun in a cardinal signs 1,4,7,and 10 Aries, Cancer, libra and Capricorn. It is believed that Surya Veedi Charts in the above signs results for the coming 3 months. Special attention to be paid to the position of the Sun and malefic and Benefic influences on the Sun. The Matters pertaining to the house where Sun is located would figure prominently during the year and the coming 3 months.

Chiranjeevi's Planetary Position

All the trinal houses are haiving aspect of Jupiter placed in the 5th house. Karna Lord is Mercury is Debilitated and not connected to the 10th house,hence the year may not bring fruitful results as expected. Lagna is also in Gandantha and so is the 5th and the 8th Lord Jupiter.

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Mercury in the house of a Planet who is in Gandantha further adds fuel to the fire for the Global Economy, More so Jupiter will fall back in the sign Scorpio on the 23rd April and till 11th August. It will be retrograde and in Scorpio and will join back Sagitarius after 5th Nov.

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The Political Leaders Confontration may reduce since Sun is placed in Exaltaion and in the 9th house in its own Yama also. This also indicates that the Ruling Govt.

MLAs if freed from resort will support OPS, says O. Panneerselvam's camp

There will be New Alliances between the Political Parties 3. Mercury as the Lord of the 2nd and the 11th placed in the 8th house in Debilitation.

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This indicates the malefic influence of the significations of the Planet Mercury is Karka for Earthquakes. The Stock and the Financial Markets therefore may limp. Strong Roller Coaster rides may not be ruled out. The Ketu ingress in the sign Sagitarius on the 25th March where Jupiter will also join on the 29th March and Jupiter in Gandantha will add fuel to the fire in the limping Global Economy. For India Since the Watery sign Pieces is afflicted and 12th Lord Moon in its own watery sign The South Western Gujrat,Maharashtra, Karnataka may suffer due to water related diseases and there may be loss of life and money 6.

Venus the 3rd and the 10th Lord in the 7th house and about to go in its exaltaion sign and aspecting the Lagna indicates that in the Centre The Women Politician may play an important role in the Politics of the Country for bringing back the ruling Govt.

Heading south

The Planet Venus aspecting the Lagna the women will acquire a special status in the year and the Govt. There may be fall in the Prices of Wheat, Rice etc 9. The Tensions at the Boarders of the Country may not bring any respite and rather it may take an important dimension and there may be Boarder clashes. There will also be a Tug of War in the Political Front after the above dates mention in the point 9.

During this time frame there could be loss of Crops also The Positive part is that Jupiter from own sign from the 5th aspects the Lagna and the 9th house Shows some new steps will be taken in the Policy making for improvement in the Travelling , Transport and the Vehicular System of the Country. Mars and Jupiter aspect on the Lagna show that although there may be success for the Ruling Prime Minster he may have to join hands and form alliances with other Parties. A Women Politicain will be most instrumental in this Alliance. Saturn with Ketu aspects Rahu in the 11th house. Saturn as the 7th Lord is also the 6th Lord.

The fear of war will be like a hanging fire. Sun is ill placed from the 4th house and the 4th Lord Mars Hence opposition parties will not leave any stone unturned to damage the image of the Ruling Govt. NDA and specially Narendra Modi.. There efforts may go invain but there will certainly damage the vote bank of the NDA to some extent From the above it becomes imperative that BJP Govt.

Forms an Alliance with a Party led By a Women Politician indirectly before or after the elections to come in power. It so seems. Written on the 24TH April at The Lunation is taking Place on the 5th April at Let us see what it foretells for the Fortnight starting from the 5th April ,siunce the Elections are also going to Start from the 11th April , hence it becomes imperative to see this chart as well.

He held it till his resignation as chief minister in February to make way for jailed AIADMK chief Sasikala, who despite being appointed leader of the AIADMK legislature party could not become the chief minister following her conviction and subsequent imprisonment in the Bengaluru prison in a disproportionate assets case. Even when Panneerselvam stepped in for Jayalalithaa as a replacement following her conviction in the assets case in and even after her death in December , he continued to hold the finance portfolio.

His close aide K Pandiarajan was sworn-in as minister for Tamil official language and culture. Both shook hands signifying the formal merger of the factions at the party headquarters here.

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