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Your ability to keep the winter colds and flu away comes down to how well your immune system is working and also how much internal stress your body is coping with. Well you can… What is a Hemaview? Hemaview is a darkfield microscope, which is connected to a flat screen allowing you observe your blood cells on the.

Only a single drop of blood is required and is a valuable tool when used in combination with Naturopathic consultation. Sarah Berry, Naturopath and Hemaview Practitioner at the Fountain of Youth Relaxation Centre would like to help you to achieve a healthy immune system ready for winter.

Therefore, when you book your Naturopathic consultation with Sarah this month, she will also include a complementary Hemaview live blood analysis for you during your consultation. All consultations are by appointment only and health fund rebates are available. Heart Foundation CEO, Mr Cameron Prout, said the ball would be an exciting night filled with leading entertainers, shows, auctions, a delicious three-course meal, fabulous gift bags and plenty of music to get your heart pumping.

For 50 years The Heart Foundation has been saving lives and improving health through funding world-class cardiovascular research, guidelines for health professionals, informing the public and assisting people with cardiovascular disease. As a charity, the Heart Foundation relies on donations and gifts in wills to continue our lifesaving research, education and health promotion work. For further information go to www. By Skye Robinson Have you ever been running late to drop the kids to school? The kids are arguing and noisy in the back seat. Everyone has their own unique constitution, coping skills, stress management and nutritional status which provides us with our ability to cope in stressful situations.

If we are regularly exposed to stressful situations, as most Mothers are, we tend to live in a stressful state.

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This is when we begin to feel:. Dinners Start This condition is when your adrenal glands on top of your kidneys are worn out and rather than having a normal stress response your adrenals give you one almighty adrenalin rush and then fail because they cannot maintain a healthy level, so you fall quickly and severely. To make you feel better doctors generally prescribe anti-depressants and antianxiety medication.

What needs to happen is to re-nourish your adrenals, re-balance your brain chemicals and hormonal response to stress. In my clinic we use a professional series of questions and assessments to understand what type of stress response you are having. You are given a uniquely tailored program of specific nutrients to re-charge your body.

In two weeks you should be re-discovering the woman you know you are! Call Skye today Be in control of Your Life. ARA - Dinnertime is a lot more fun as the grilling season gets under way. Supersweet corn always ranks high on the list of delectable grillables. The next night, scrape off the nicely caramelized kernels and toss with a few other ingredients for a salsa to go with your leftover grilled chicken, pork or other protein.

Supersweet corn from Florida is in markets until June. You may find corn in or out of the husk with kernels of yellow, white or both. Make sure you store the corn in your refrigerator to keep it fresh and sweet. For information on how to keep your corn fresh, visit FreshSuperSweetCorn. Earth Hour all year long Steps on how your child can help the planet ARA - Families can celebrate Earth Month all year long by turning everyday tasks into fun and productive steps for children that illustrate how they can help make our planet a greener and healthier place.

The first step is to learn about the issue and start a conversation with your child in a way that makes sense to them. Parents can utilize eco-themed toys or movies as a fun way to start a dialogue with their kids about the importance of protecting their planet. Thumbelina, the star of the DVD, harnesses the magic of nature to save her home in the wildflowers from developers, and sets out to prove that even the smallest person can make a big difference. The movie can ignite a conversation between parents and children about the small things they can do as a family to help give back to their environment.

Balanced Newspapers. Bonnie offers real encouragement, fantastic group sessions and enjoyable one on one sessions that are producing fabulous results. I started with Bonnie after having major surgery then not long into the training I broke my arm in a bike accident and thought I would never be able to achieve my goals but Bonnie has kept me focused, has helped me re build my strength and kept my weight loss goal on track.

Healthcare professionals have advised TLC for kids that the equipment is used to help children with respiratory ailments such as cystic fibrosis and asthma as well as on patients requiring physiotherapy for arthritis or following serious car accident related injuries. Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit can be purchased from Gametraders stores. To find your nearest location visit www. The Expo promises to offer something for everyone with an action packed program featuring the Resi River Race and free activity demonstrations throughout the day including mountain bike trials, rock climbing, camp cooking plus many more still to be confirmed.

People get to do something that engages them physically and mentally but it also encourages a healthy interaction with the natural environment and you can make it as challenging as you like. Please note: This is a proof of the advertisement you have booked with Balanced Media. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission from Balanced Media is prohibited. Do you have an opinion on something in your local area, why not let us know for your chance to win some great monthly prizes, tell us about local hot spots, community news or local legends at info balancedmedia.

Please check it carefully, taking special care to ensure the telephone numbers, street, email and website addresses are correct. He had no idea, however, of the real potential for that growth over such a short period of time. According to office manager Carolyn Rimmer, Platinum Painters has focussed on cultivating excellent relationships with their clients, which she believes is the reason for their success. They do not hire subcontractors to carry out work, but Peter Rimmer handles every piece of work himself, taking extreme care in his workmanship.

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Carolyn is the linchpin of the business, handling all the enquiries, planning and processing of work orders. In her spare time, she is. The popularity of Platinum Painters means that they already have bookings up to 12 weeks in advance, so to organise a quote now and have your fresh coat of paint booked in, contact Carolyn on Sure, discipline and self-control important aspects, but at its very core, martial Client arts are forName: self defence.

You owe it to yourself, and your family, to ask this question. Please check it carefully, taking special care to ensure the telephone numbers, street, who email continue and websitetoaddresses are correct. Drivers ignore the law will TheBalanced product is is prohibited. Products such as Free2Talk that can deliver the green alternative will soon be in even higher demand than traditional devices which still use electricity and battery power to recharge. Cellnet believes the launch of the new Free2Talk BC Bluetooth portable car kit will assist drivers in avoiding the dangers of driving under the influence of a hand held mobile phone.

Your urgent attention to this ad proof is appreciated — due to printing deadline requirements we cannot guarantee alterations will be made after this deadline. Please reply with an approval or alterations to Adam Peel — Ph: ; apeel balancedmedia.

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ARA M - BetweenE juggling D work, soccer I A practice, ballet and household chores, taking the time to build healthier habits can be a seemingly daunting task for moms. Following are a few simple steps that families can take to acquire new healthy habits. Drink Right. Get Green. Why is this so? Get Active. We also tend not to jump out of bed at 5am and hit the gym or go for a walk. Now through Sept.

Led by Bob Greene, families will be empowered to make healthy lifestyle changes with Bob Greene as their personal Challenge coach. By completing simple, everyday milestones, participants can track their progress and inspire others to join in on the interactive fun through social networks, e-mail and Facebook connections. For more information and to take the first small step toward building a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, log on to www. Courtesy of ARAcontent. Get a VibraGym - Whole body vibration technology gets you trim and toned in just 10 minutes a day!

Make the most of the midday warmth on weekends, take the whole family for a walk or bike ride. Make every movement count, park the car further from the shops, use the stairs not the elevator, do crunches in the commercial breaks of your favourite show! Nutrition When summer ends it usually takes with it our passion for salads and fresh fruits and replaces them with cravings for energy-laden stews, casseroles and roast dinners.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the calorie attack. Always opt for tomato-based sauces in dishes over calorie-laden cream sauces which really blow out the kilojoules.

If you must have desserts then opt for delicious stewed apples with non fat custard or low fat cheese and fruit. Snuggling up on the lounge in the cold evenings watching television is not an excuse to indulge in chips and chocolate! Stick to air popped popcorn and your bikini will still love you come September. John and his staff of qualified nail technicians are there to ensure their customers receive only the very best service when they book in for their spa pedicure or manicure. For more than five years now, Professionail has specialised in artificial nails, French nails, colour tip nails and nail art.

Named one of six finalists in the recent North West business awards, Professionail is definitely worth investigating. According to owner John Tran, his technicians have the best French nails on offer. Staying healthy during winter can be affected by how well you eat, and your lifestyle habits. As well as maintaining a healthy life, there are also some home remedies that can help you prevent infections over the winter months.

It is known as a great antioxidant, but also a potent virus killer! Changing your coffee to green tea can be beneficial for many areas of your health.

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A great winter time supplement. It is wise to remember when coming down with a winter cold, that antibiotics are only useful in bacterial infections, not viral infections like influenza. So if your doctor recommends good old-fashioned rest instead of antibiotics, heed his advice! Your recovery can also be improved by having an immuneenhancing remedy dispensed by a qualified Naturopath. If you feel as though infections may get the better of you his winter, seeing a naturopath before you get sick can be a valuable and effective way to stay healthy.

Focused clinically-proven methods are used to boost your immunity and resilience to disease.


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At Professionail, clients can book ahead or walk in during their visit to Brookside Shopping Centre, and their service is always fast and friendly. How are you feeling today? Are your energy levels good, or do you feel run down? Have you been eating well, exercising, and drinking plenty of water, or have you been indulging in junk food, drinking too much alcohol and been under stress?

These are pertinent questions to ask yourself in the lead up to the colder months, as your health today, can indicate how well your body will cope with winter infections. Look for further specials on the back of Woolworths dockets. Phone or visit at shop , Brookside Shopping Centre. Great on cereal, in juices, added to trail mixes or as a snack on their own!

Steep for 5 minutes, then drink for a traditional throat soothing. Professional uses only use superior materials and well known brands in their nail services and have the capacity for seven clients at a time. Fully insured and ATMS accredited. Blue card current.

Phone: 07 Fax: 07 Mobile Service Available. Health Fund Rebates may apply to Email: apeel balancedmedia. E Rebates Davailable I now! A www. A substance which could lift your mood and relieve headaches? A drug that could lower your risk of getting cavities?

Well Good News Coffee appears to be that substance. Coffee and diabetes Some studies have shown that coffee may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. After analysing data on , people over an year period, researchers have concluded that drinking 1 to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day can reduce diabetes risk by several percentage points, compared with not drinking coffee at all. Long ago tattoos belonged to biker gangs and men in prison, now butterflies adorn yummy mummies and tribal band circle the arms of our elite sportsmen.

The Immoral tag that tattoos once carried seems to have been lost forever and replaced with a booming and talented industry. Whether you think that these permanent markings are unsighlty you have to concede that the experts that create these walking galleries are some of our greatest artists. Coffee and Headaches Caffeine is often added to pain medications because it improves their absorption and increases their pain killing effect.

Many claim that the caffeine in a strong cup of coffee can help relieve a migraine or even end it if consumed in the very early stage of a headache. It is known that substances that dilate blood vessels, like alcohol, can cause vascular headaches. Substances that constrict blood vessels, like caffeine, can help counter the painful effects of blood vessel dilation in the head.

Safety or Smothering? By Rebecca Kerta Do you let your kids ride their bikes to school? Go to the local park on their own to play with friends? Ride the bus to the local library to research school work? Do you let them go anywhere on there own or do you imagine the bogeyman lurking behind every tree! Are we doing such a good job of protecting our children that we are actually stopping them from flourishing?

We feel we have to protect them, we feel the world is no longer safe. We have lost confidence in everything; our neighbourhood, our kids and our ability to teach our children how to get by in the world, as a result we batten down the hatches! So how are our kids supposed to learn how to navigate the world? Remember your childhood? Remember how liberating that felt? We felt responsible and trusted and that gave us an incredible sense of worth.

You cannot buy that kind of learning experience. Why take that away from our kids, because we are scared? So how do we as parents protect and care for our kids whilst still letting them have the right of passage to experience the world? I have three children aged 11, 8 and 5 and have educated them all on stranger danger and their Father has taught all of them basic self defence.

Last year my eldest two children asked to be allowed to walk to school. My immediate reaction was no! I can just as easily drive them and the walk entailed crossing a major road. But then I looked at these two intelligent individuals and realised all they were asking for was my trust and reassurance that I believed they were quite capable of walking 5 minutes down the road and using the proper crossing and I said yes! Off they went with their backpacks on, shoulders back and proud and my heart nearly burst. And every time they did walk to school my nerves eased a little.

I now allow all three girls to go to the park at the end of street for an hour to play with many strict instructions! They have never come late and always come back smiling. How many times have you been told to reduce your salt intake? This is the time to start focussing on strengthening and supporting your immune system. The temperature has started to drop and this has given rise to an increase in respiratory infections already. Every day we are told about the bad effects of refined foods and salt is no exception.

The table and cooking salt we use is almost completely devoid of nutrition. Well, during the refining process up to 82 trace minerals are destroyed by the degree heating process, leaving only one compound — sodium chloride. Protect yourself this season against these stronger strains of viruses by coming into the store and having your zinc levels tested by a qualified Naturopath, who can then advise you on the best form of zinc and co-factors to enhance your immunity.

Zinc is used in over 20 different pathways in our bodies and is therefore an essential nutrient. It is becoming more common to be deficient in zinc. Low levels of zinc have been linked to lowered immunity, susceptibility to infections,. Ensure that your zinc status is adequate as this nutrient is not only essential for supporting the immune system but is crucial in digestive health as well.

There are many forms of zinc supplements on the market, but choosing the correct one is essential so speak to our resident Naturopath about the best one for you and your family for this Winter Season. Because salt absorbs water from the atmosphere, additives are mixed with it to prevent it from becoming lumpy so it will pour. The additives are bleaches and anti-caking agents,.

We could just as easily be pouring concrete into our veins!!! At Wray Organic, in Newmarket and Indooroopilly, we stock a full range of unrefined sea salts that contain all 84 of the minerals that we need for good health. Sure they are not sparkling white and you will have to throw out the salt shaker as the unrefined sea salt will clog it up. But food cooked with natural unrefined sea salt tastes better; you will be supplying your body with necessary minerals and trace elements, and your salt craving will be lessened.

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